Duck Duck Goose is a fun, interactive game designed to improve pronunciation in children of low socio-economic status. It is a free website that anyone with a phone or computer can access, allowing young children to improve their speaking skills even when their parents aren't home. Children read a sentence aloud word by word which controls an avatar. If the word is pronounced correctly, the avatar jumps onto an new block until reaching the finish line.

Children of low socio-economic status (SES) generally have fewer dialogue interactions with parents than children of high SES. By ten months old, children of high SES hear an average of 400 more words than low SES children. This causes infants of low SES to have a smaller vocabulary and to struggle with producing complex sentence structures, understanding grammatical rules, and recognizing sounds throughout their childhood, which ultimately affects their success in school.

Meet the Team

Ashley Fong

Kevin Gauld

Ethan Horowitz

Christina Wong